Quality Standards & Privacy Policy

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The page outlines the Data Protection and Privacy Policy of Atticus Legal Recruitment Limited (“Atticus Legal”). This outlines our use and protection of personal data collected and held by Atticus Legal throughout the recruitment process, whether collected via email/fax, website applications, telephone or in person, and Policies are in line with the amendments to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap 486) as of 2013. To review the Ordinance in full, please click here.

Personal Data consists of any information pertaining exclusively to an individual, and may include name, residential address, email address, passport/Hong Kong Identity Card number, employment and education history, resume, references, nationality and language capabilities.

Part of our policy ensures that Atticus Legal shall only share certain collected data with a) hiring parties upon their request, with candidates’ expressed consent, b) any company affiliated to Atticus Legal for the purpose of domestic/international recruitment, c) any person affiliated to Atticus Legal for the purpose of administration management or domestic/international recruitment, and/or d) any Hong Kong Government regulatory body for Employment Agency auditing purposes. It is not, under any circumstance, Atticus Legal’s intention or policy to share any personal data with any external organisation for the purpose of direct marketing or otherwise.

Your personal data is collected in relation to your job search, to help Atticus Legal and its employees secure the right opportunity for you as swiftly as possible. Personal data will be stored within our secured database, accessible only to Atticus Legal permanent staff, and shall remain stored for as long as you continue to be a candidate registered with us. Should your requirements/interests change, we recommend that you contact us so that any job/salary information sent from time to time is accurate to your needs as a candidate.

Atticus Legal has taken every possible measure to ensure that your personal information and data is secured. Should, for any reason, you wish to request a copy of your records, you are entitled to do so, unless Atticus Legal is legally required to withhold such information. You may request to unsubscribe to marketing material or unregister from Atticus Legal’s candidate database at any time. In accordance with Government and internal policy amendments, our Privacy Policy is likely to change without prior notice. Should you have any concerns at any time, please contact one of our consultants.

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